Patiola Awning System

Patiola system fitted at brondes age London.



Patio Awning in a case, with sloped and vertical side channels which makes the entity self supporting. The fabric softens the light, absorbs and repels the solar heat.


The fitting is reduced to the fixing of the case, the vertical side channels upon the supporting-plate and applying the tension on the fabric. Electrically operated. Can applied for covering terraces of private homes, restaurants and pub gardens.

This Awning is the most robust awning on the market world wide.

The only awning system that can be left out all weathers.


Proven to repay for its self at least twice in one year.





The dimensional limits of this awning with a case of 229 mm x 272 mm :

• 1 panel : min. width 2.5 m

• max. width : 5.00 m

• max. straight projection : 6.00 m

• max. surface : 30.00 sq. m



For larger surface several blinds can be installed next to each other.





• Case with end caps, side channels with supporting-plate, reversing-rolls, in-between rolls and front profile with end caps out of aluminium, powder coated in white (RAL 9010) or brown (RAL 8019).

• Waterproof fabric (Dicksonâ 50 TT range)

• Supporting-plate with predrilled fixing holes and adjusted position of the side channel according the chosen framing.





Case, rolls, side channels and front profile

• Can be powder coated in any RAL colour

• Drain pipes and gutters

• Back plate for case



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Need something a little more in keeping with your surrondings.

This wood constucted pegola system with an option of a fixed canvass roof,moving remote controlled roof or glazed in polycarbonate.

The options are endless!

But whatever you intend to enclose Astra has the answer.

Wooden Structure Pegola systems

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Timber Framed Awnings

Timber framed awnings can be constucted to any width and any projection upto 4 meters.

Patiola.The brondes Age, London

Patiola awning system

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Patiola refurbishments, recovers, repairs