Patiola Article

Openings 22

Take a leisurely walk through the

streets of Paris, Brussels, Bruges,

Munich or Amsterdam and you

will see the same thing over and

over again, the locals and the tourists,

mainly British ones, sitting outside under

awnings enjoying their coffee, their beer,

their croissant, their Danish pastries,

their frankfurters and their pistolets (The

Belgians, strange folk). But what’s this,

“The wind’s blowing a gale and it’s

raining cats and dogs” you exclaim,

“should not this weather, curse of the

British blind-maker cause our

continental comrades to hear those all

too familiar words ‘Rain has stopped

play!’ and send them dashing for cover.”

Well of course not, this is mainland

Europe! Our European counterparts

despite all their flaws have come up with

the perfect solution to windy inclement

weather, the awning!

“Shock horror!” I hear you exclaim

“you can’t use awnings in the wind and

rain they’re sun protection products,

right?” Right! Most of them are and it’s a

wise blind-maker that encourages his

customer to safely close his awning away

in heavy rain or high winds. But look

again down those streets of Paris,

Brussels or Bruges these awnings that

are quite happy in the wind and rain are

no ordinary run of the mill awnings,

they’ve got legs and project up to 6

metres, roof rollers to support the fabric,

fancy integral gutter and drain pipe

systems, plus loads of other bits and

accessories to help keep diners happy,

dry,warm, and blissfully eating and

drinking in all kinds of weather.

“What is it?” you curiously ask,“it’s a

self-supported, extruded aluminium,

spring tensioned, fully waterproof

terrace cover,” comes the reply from a

proud café owner.

This type of product such as the

Winsol Patiola has truly revolutionised

outside dining right across Europe. In the

lucky south they need large areas

covered to protect diners from the heat

of the mid day sun. In the north outside

diners need protecting against wet and

windy weather conditions much the

same as our own.Whatever the reason

though it is the perfect answer to keep

diners on seats in any bistro, restaurant,

café, coffee or tea bar and, dare I say it,

even the Traditional English Pub, in fact

any establishment that has an outside

dining area should have one.

“They won’t catch on in the UK

though” I hear the eternal pessimist say.

Try saying that to the pub owner in the

south west who has more then doubled

his all year round seating area along with

greatly increasing his profit, or the

Manchester based Tea Bar whose

covered roof terrace is now so popular

diners pay an extra £15 a head just to sit

under their two gleaming Patiola’s. In

fact the more than 40 units that have

been installed from Scotland to Lands

End are now bringing in hundreds of

extra people every day into the bars,

clubs and restaurants whose owners

have seen the wisdom in providing

outside diners with the luxury of

retractable wind, rain and sun protection.

So next time you get that call from a

sobbing local bar or restaurant owner

asking for the answer to the British

weather, don’t bury your head in your

hands and exclaim “you can’t use

awnings in the wind and rain” pick up

the phone and call someone like Winsol.

Its changing the way we all have to think

about awnings.


In the summer issue it was argued that poor

weather was no excuse for poor sales of

canopies and awnings. Here,Winsol says it

might just be the reason for even better sales.

You can’t use Awnings

in the Wind & Rain.