Patio Heaters

infra red patio heaters.

Warmed up diners. The French claim to have invented Haute Cuisine. And it is generally believed that pizza and pasta originated in Italy. But one thing is for sure; those Restaurateurs on the continent can teach us a thing or two about eating al fresco.


Even with the advantage of a reliable climate for outdoor dinning, restaurant and bar owners are extending the usability of their patios and terraces by installing patio heaters. Discreet, silent and odour free, they steal a march on the popular gas heaters. Furthermore, their IP54 weatherproof rating means that they can be permanently installed outside and left to get on with the job of keeping the clientele comfortably warm.


So how do they work? Well,a high-tec quartz halogen element developed by Philips, cleverly converts over 90% of its energy into warmth, instantly producing short wave infrared rays that pass through the air to warm you. Just like the sun. There is no maintenance, no bulky gas cylinders to store. With the flick of a switch on they come. Safely, silently, smell-free.


The running cost of these patio heaters work out at approx 10 pence per hour. A gas patio heater costs approx £1.00 per hour.


No gas bottles to transport and store.


Not to be confused with cheaper models on the market that can damage the eye.


The cost of these units a mere £120.

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